Los Olvidados

By | August 7, 2022

A Documentary on Pan-Latin Jazz

Los Olvidados (“The Forgotten Ones”) is a one hour audio documentary exploring some of the unique historical, cultural, and artistic contributions that encompass the Latin experience in Jazz.

The program explores the viewpoints and music of a special group of award winning artists, scholars and activists. Jane Bunnett, Dr. Martha Gonzalez, Dr. Benjamin Lapidus, Yilian Cañizares, Arturo O’Farrill, Michele Rosewoman, Bobby Sanabria, John Santos, Dr. Chris Washburne and Miguel Zenón speak to the inspiration they maintain as contributors, educators, and creative thinkers within Pan-Latin Jazz.

Part 1

  1. Function of the Drum in
    Pan-Latin Music
  2. The Unique Characteristics of
    Pan-Latin Jazz
  3. Rich and Complicated History

Part 2

  1. A Different Origin Story
  2. Latin Jazz - The Other Jazz
  3. History of Racial and Gender Discrimination

Los Olvidados was produced by Michael Ambrosino and 33third.org through a generous grant from the Mass Cultural Council. 33third.org is Michael's platform to explore ideas that surround the Jazz circumstance with words and sound, telling stories that embrace nuance, and the power of narrative as social practice.

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