Tim Hall – Solar Fusion Concert

Sun Music presents Tim Hall as the the first artist to perform in our Solar Fusion concert series


11 thoughts on “Tim Hall – Solar Fusion Concert

  1. Candelaria Silva-Collins

    Lovely performance. Performance doesn’t seem the right word. Lovely presentation of original compositions combining poetry and the saxophone. Tim is quite talented.

  2. oki dokee

    You must take the journey with Tim Hall; he will be your trusted creative companion in music, poetry, history, and personal revelation. He puts himself and his story bravely forward and bargains that in so doing he’ll impart revelation and feeling and soulful appreciation within us. He greatly succeeds.

    JB Gatling
    Author of Onset


    I’ve heard Tim Hall before but his music is creative and gripping. I’d definitely listen and watch more of his performances.

  4. Christopher Gardner

    Tim Hall is majestic in this eclectic performance. I enjoyed the smoothness and enlightening mixture of subtle saxophone topped with straight, no chaser, poetry.

  5. ccortinabello

    What a special and powerful performance Tim Hall allowed us to witness! The mixture of his musicianship with his profound poetry is just the perfect blend. So many positive and creative ways to defend his voice as an artist. Thank you Tim for sharing your gift with us.

  6. Joseph Aiello

    Tim Hall is amazing. The sax knows its in the hands of a true lover of that instrument. Tim’s stories blend in well. The overall effect is hypnotic. Great production techniques. Thank you also to Tessil for introducing this old geek to such a great young talent.

  7. Leanne McQueen

    My husband and I listened to the Tim Hall Solar Fusion concert on Valentine’s Day and it provided an enchanting soundtrack to our romantic evening. Hall’s playing along with his spoken word transported us from our living room to a table at Wally’s. In a time where we’ve been longing for the joys of a night out listening to live music, this wonderful concert was exactly what we needed.

  8. Lutalo Olutosin

    Man, I’m really diggin’ the vibe Tim Hall has. Really a talented voice of expression, but more than that – you get to take a peek into this brother’s soul thru his poetry.
    Yeah man, keep doing your thing and let the spirit guide!

    To the SuMusic family – keep bringing these organically created renderings to the world! I love the format and quality.

    Lu Olutosin

  9. Brian Price

    I enjoyed Tim’s musical performance and dialogue discussing his background and inspirations. He commanded audience attention. The audio fidelity and visual cinematography and lighting were superb.

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