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Know when to hear your favorite songs. All Day - 24/7

Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday
Midnight - Sun MusicMidnight - Hip Urban SoulMidnight - Hip Urban Soul
4 AM - That Jazz4 AM - Sun Music4 AM - Sound of the Sun
8 AM - Sound of the Sun8 AM - Hip Urban Soul8 AM - The Inspiration
10 AM - Sun Music10 AM - That Jazz10 AM - Sun Music
2 PM - Hip Urban Soul2 PM - Sound of the Sun2 PM - Hip Urban Soul
4 PM - Sun Music4 PM - Sun Music4 PM - Sun Music
8 PM - That Jazz8 PM - That Jazz8 PM - That Jazz

Sun-Music.Net – The Sound of the Sun is Live 24/7, On-Demand, On Line, & On Mobile featuring New and Popular Musicians from across the African-American diaspora and beyond. Sun Music is your Black Music destination.

Sun Music programs showcase the variety and excellence of the Black American songbook. Classic styles like contemporary Rhythm & Blues, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Inspirational Gospel.

Each month read Sun Music Reviews of newly released music and check out the Top Spins chart, our monthly list of new and popular releases available to “Buy What You Hear” from iTunes.

Sun Music is curated, programmed and produced by Tessil Collins

The Solar Fusion Concert Series are ticketed shows by artists with broad audience appeal and established fan base who perform their own original material.

The venues for these shows have been Wally’s Jazz Club in Boston and Mojito’s Country Club in Randolph, Massachusetts. There was no audience for our first four inaugural shows which feature Tim Hall, Camila Cortina, Kevin Harris and Ray Greene.

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