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Who's playing on Sun Music? M.E.B, Ledisi, Gregory Groover, Jr., October London, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Ray Greene, Ravyn Lenae, Doc City, Brandee Younger, Lauren Henderson and More...

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Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday
Midnight - Sun MusicMidnight - Hip Urban SoulMidnight - Hip Urban Soul
4 AM - That Jazz4 AM - Sun Music4 AM - Sound of the Sun
8 AM - Sound of the Sun8 AM - Hip Urban Soul8 AM - The Inspiration
10 AM - Sun Music10 AM - That Jazz10 AM - Sun Music
2 PM - Hip Urban Soul2 PM - Sound of the Sun2 PM - Hip Urban Soul
4 PM - Sun Music4 PM - Sun Music4 PM - Sun Music
8 PM - That Jazz8 PM - That Jazz8 PM - That Jazz

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