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BAMS Fest 2019 – A New Legacy Continues

Catherine T. Morris and the BAMS Fest team presented a wonderfully executed inaugural event in 2018. On Saturday June 22nd, they’ll get to do it again for the people of Boston. Get familiar with the music of the artists performing at this year’s festival. Only on Eric Roberson | ÁBI | Ädiana Ross and NOq | Aleecya… Read More »

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The Lisa Fischer Interview

Lisa Fischer is a singer who really gets around. Her life is an endless round of planes, trains, and automobiles, rehearsals and fittings. On tour with the Rolling Stones, Sting, Chris Botti or Nine Inch Nails, her name may not be on the marquee, but she doesn’t care. She’s busy loving every minute of it. It’s easy to… Read More »