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  • Maia Zakay Releases Her Debut Album #SpeakUp
    LOS ANGELESNov. 20, 2020  -- Up and coming R&B singer-songwriter Maia Zakay has released her debut album #SpeakUp. The incredibly talented 19-year-old musician, who sources the likes of Drake and Ariana Grande as her musical inspirations, co-produced this album alongside Stephan Oberhoff, who works closely with legends such as Quincy JonesDavid Foster, Barbra Streisand, and ... read more
    Source: Singers RoomPublished on 2020-11-24
    5 days ago
  • Song of the Day: George Gershwin, “Sweet and Lowdown”
    Foxtrot was a popular music and dance trend of the early 20th-century that was influential in the development of jazz. Curiously, it is also the more long-lasting of any of the other ragtime animal dances, which included the Turkey Trot and the Grizzly Bear, among others. George Gershwin flourished into ... read more
    Source: JazzizPublished on 2020-11-24
    5 days ago
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